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Our spring seeds have arrived! We have vegetables, herbs, and flowers available. We also have a great variety of organic seeds!


Our 2023 seed list:

Alpine Aster-Blue

Alyssum- Carpet of Snow

Arugula- O

Basil- Genovese

Basil- Sweet Italian

Bush Bean- Blue lake 274 O


Beet- Early Wonder O

Black Eyed Susan- Goldstrum

Broccoli- Calabrase O

Brussels Sprouts- lI Improved

Butterfly Meadow Mix

Cactus- Indoor Mix

Calendula- Pacific Beauty

Carrot- Tendersweet

Cilantro- Coriander

Cleome- Purple Queen

Cleome- Queen

Coral Bells- Red

Cosmos- Candy Stripe

Cucumber-Homemade Pickles O

Cucumber- Tendergreen Burpless

Dahlia- Unwin's Mix

Echinacea- Purple Coneflower

Evening Primrose- Mexican

Geranium- Colorama

Gourd- Small Fancy Mix

Gourd- Luffa

Hollyhock- Indian Spring

Kale- Russian O

Kohlrabi- Early Purple Vienna


Lettuce- Gourmet Salad Blend O

Marigold- Lemon Drop

Milkweed- Swamp & Common


Nasturtium- 4 Varieties

Parsley- Italian Flat Leaf

And many more...


Our spring bulbs and tubers have arrived! We have seed potatoes in many varieties, garlic, shallots, and more vegetables, Raspberry plants, and we also have many varieties of flower bulbs and tubers including:

6 Dahlia varieties, 3 Lily varieties, Gladiolus, Iris, Elephant Ears, Hosta and much more!

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